STRONGMAN TACKY – Hot Blend, 200ml

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279.00 kr

KRAFTPOWERSUPPORT Strongman Tacky is our own tacky, made to give you the best grip when you need it!
Handmade in small batches with a unique blend of resin, this Tacky gives you a really sticky surface that sticks well around the Atlas stone.
This Tacky is similar in consistency to Dave Ostlund’s Elite Tacky, but it doesnt have to be heaten before application.

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KRAFT POWERSUPPORT’s own handmade Tacky.

-Hot Blend, suitable for temps greater than 25 celcius.

-Practical cans of 200 ml

-Made with Pine Resin.

-Gives you an extremely good grip!

-No heating before application required.

-Not to be confused by Spider Tacky or others with soft texture.


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