Bodylab Clear Whey, 500 g

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Whey protein isolate is isolated whey protein where virtually
 all carbohydrates and fats have been filtered out. 
What's left is a very pure protein that mixes into a juice-like consistency. 
Clear Whey from Bodylab is an ultra-purified protein with a 
low lactose content, no fat and almost no carbohydrates. A premium protein.


-Pure whey protein isolate
-Almost completely free of carbohydrates
-0 g fat
-Low lactose content
-Blend to a juice-like consistency

Whey is considered the gold standard when it comes to protein quality, 
but not all whey is created equal. 
Whey can be processed to different degrees to obtain different levels of purity and one of 
the absolute purest forms is whey protein isolate, which is exactly what you get with 
Clear Whey from Bodylab.

This whey protein isolate is largely free of both carbohydrates and fat. 
It is therefore considered low-lactose and it has the unique property that it mixes into 
a much clearer finished protein than regular whey. 
Clear Whey becomes more like sap or juice and is much more transparent. 
Perfect if you want a protein that is very easy to drink.

Clear Whey is perfect after training but is also very good as a snack or any time it's time 
to stock up on more muscle-building protein. 
One serving provides 25 g of pure whey. 
The protein comes from the milk of cows that graze on grass for the best possible quality.

Number of doses per package / Amount of use: 
Mix 1 scoop or 3 tablespoons (30 g) with 2.5 - 3 dl of water in a shaker and drink. 
One package provides 16 servings.

Ingredients and allergens:

Ice tea peach: 
Ultra- and micro-filtered WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE (MILK), flavor, color (caramel),
 sweetener (sucralose, acesulfame-K).

Raspberry rush: 
Ultra and microfiltered WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE (MILK), flavoring, color (beetroot red),
 sweetener (sucralose, acesulfame-K).

Additional information

  • Ice Tea Peach
  • Raspberry Rush
  • Pink Grape


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