15 x Big 100 Protein Bar, 100g

SKU: 315531396

450.00 kr

Big 100 Protein Bar is full of good taste with a full 30 grams of protein and a lot of energy. A bestseller!
With the Big 100 Protein Bar, Proteinfabrikken set the standard for how a protein bar should look and how it should taste.
A large bar with a lot of nutrition, packed with protein and with a very good taste stops hunger.


Big 100 Protein Bar is a huge bar from Proteinfabrikken.
Full of protein and energy, it is also packed with good fatty acids. As much as 400+ calories in one bar.
We guarantee that you will be satisfied with this. Just what we need between regular meals to keep the machine going.
Big 100 Protein Bar is 100% energy, protein, taste and effect!

Additional information

  • Cookies and Cream
  • Salty caramel


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